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Welcome to The Ontario Weather Page Photo Gallery.

Choose A Photographer:

Photo Gallery - Photos by Brett Howe

Brett Howe has added to his photo gallery this year with some of the photos he has taken of various weather events. Again, he has added some neat images.

2000 Weather Photos

The lightning is from a late night storm in April which had been pushing a lot of rain. After it passed over though, everything was clear and the show lasted for quite a while. I've also included a couple shots of a flooded park here in Cayuga including some debris from a trailer park up-river. They are nothing special (we see the Grand River flood nearly every spring) but with all the rain we've had this year flood pictures seem somehow appropriate.

brett20001.jpg (37787 bytes) brett20002.jpg (53552 bytes) brett20003.jpg (58330 bytes)

brett20004.jpg (54144 bytes) brett20005.jpg (55841 bytes)

1999 Weather Photos

binbrook-a.jpg (32671 bytes) binbrook-b.jpg (33251 bytes) binbrook-c.jpg (34424 bytes) binbrook-d.jpg (33775 bytes)

clouds-a.jpg (33787 bytes) clouds-b.jpg (33586 bytes) clouds-c.jpg (34015 bytes) clouds-e.jpg (34507 bytes)

clouds-d.jpg (34678 bytes) rainbow-a.jpg (34586 bytes) rainbow-b.jpg (34625 bytes)

Brett has added to his photos by submitting some shots taken in Cayuga during the Great Toronto Snowstorm 99!

brett991.jpg (35026 bytes) brett992.jpg (34978 bytes) brett993.jpg (34830 bytes) brett994.jpg (34896 bytes)

1998 Photos

Series #1

They were taken from a hilltop cemetery (of all places) just west of Cayuga, ON using a Canon 35mm SLR on 100 speed film.

Brett01.jpg (18064 bytes) Brett02.jpg (18449 bytes) Brett03.jpg (18976 bytes) Brett1a.jpg (34613 bytes)

 Brett1b.jpg (32975 bytes) Brett1c.jpg (34560 bytes) Brett1d.jpg (35585 bytes) Brett1e.jpg (32562 bytes) 

Series #2

A couple of shots looking south over Lake Erie. This was a midsummer storm that was moving SE across the lake.

Brett2a.jpg (34127 bytes)  Brett2b.jpg (33962 bytes)

Series # 3

Just a couple of cloud shots which caught my eye. A) was taken on a small ridge west of Cayuga shortly after sunrise, B) was taken from my front yard early in the season, I was able to watch the cloud mass above me merging with the clouds to the NE (center of photo) for more than an hour. It was a strange thing to watch.

Brett3a.jpg (33760 bytes) Brett3b.jpg (33664 bytes)

Series #4

This is from the morning of June 25, '98. The accident I was telling you about a few days ago. The lightning bolt that struck this tree appeared to be perfectly straight (from my point of view) and at 90?to the road. The road I was traveling on is a nice straight paved concession and when the bolt lit up, the reflection on the road made it look like it had hit the front of my car. Pic A) shows the stump remains, an exit hole is clearly visible near the bottom. Pic B, C and D just show where everything came to rest. I was traveling in the opposite direction of the truck at highway speeds. Because of the height of his running lights I didn't realize he was in trouble until I was right on him and then I almost impaled my Topaz on the point of the fallen trunk. It should be noted that I was there only a minute or so after it happened and it took about 5-7 minutes for the nearby farmers to get there, in that span of time I counted 4 cars/trucks passing by and slowing just enough to avoid my car which was sitting in the middle of the road at a steep angle to light up the tree trunk. No one else stopped. I find that very disappointing.

Brett4a.jpg (35057 bytes) Brett4b.jpg (34714 bytes) Brett4c.jpg (34490 bytes) Brett4d.jpg (34127 bytes)

Series #5

Shadows is self explanatory, taken just after dawn one day. The sunset - I took it in three frames because I really liked the way the clouds were laying, the composite I put together digitally from the three originals. The comp is also the only one of my photos which has been altered after scanning. I don't believe in false advertising, even though I know that a couple of these pics clean up very well. With any of my pics, what you see on screen is what the print looks like.

fall_97.jpg (34296 bytes) shadows.jpg (35043 bytes)

 suncomp.jpg (35516 bytes) sunset1.jpg (34089 bytes) sunset2.jpg (33648 bytes) sunset3.jpg (33277 bytes)

All Photos are copyrighted by Brett Howe and are used on this site with his permission.  Any use other than authorized by them is against the law.  If you wish to contact him regarding use of these photos, please e-mail me and I will forward it.


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