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My Personal Website Stuff.

After numerous people wanted some information on me (Why I have no Clue? :) ) and why I created this site, I figured I would put a little page together tell you a little about myself, people who have helped me out and where you may have seen this site mentioned. 

About Me And The Site

me.jpg (6672 bytes)
A little better than the last one!

Who Are You?

My name is Dave Patrick. I am 37 years old, married to a beautiful woman Kristy and we live in Fergus. I moved to the area 11 years ago after living in Mississauga since 1979. I graduated from The University of Toronto in 1994 with a degree in Geography that I did for interest instead of career-wise. I am presently (ok, I have since the beginning in 1984) the owner of the family business that specializes in flooring applications for food processing plants (keep that harmful bacteria from growing and getting into your food). More information on that can be found here . I have many hobbies that include web design & programming (of course), computer repairs/troubleshooting, maple syrup, bee-keeping and, of course, stormchasing!....

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Hi! I'm J.D. I have my own web page. Click Me to See
(Sadly, read for new information)

How did you get into storm chasing?

I got into watching and chasing storms quite by accident. I have always been interested in weather. My mother says that when I was very young and  the thunderstorms rolled across the prairies (where I was born) I could always be found on the sundeck watching regardless of the time. But like most things in life, you never find out what you truly love until after your path is set. In a nutshell, I was traveling in the U.S. on business and had a few days to kill so I started driving into Wyoming.  I saw a beautiful cloud structure, and with nothing better to do, I followed it. 3 hours later I saw a tornado touch down in the Black Hills about 40 kms east of Mount Rushmore. The rest is history. I got home and started reading and researching. My dog is an avid weather watcher as well and can be found at my side watching the storms as I sit on the couch late at night (when I am not chasing them). My wife also actively chases with me in Tornado Alley every year.

Hi! I'm Dusty,   (Read for new information)
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Hi! I'm Cleo, the newest cat in the family  
 Click Me to See My WebPage

Why did you create this weather site?

I found that there was very little weather information available for Ontario. There were a few places that had the forecasts for some cities but nothing aimed at giving a person specific information.  I originally created this site as a place to hold my links and information about chasing.  Somehow, some people found it and asked if I could find something else and I added it and 2 years later the site became very large. I still gear quite a bit of the site to people who have a basic understanding of weather and are looking for specific information but have tried to arrange it so that people can learn about weather if they need to.

What is your goal of this site?

Quite honestly, I am hoping that this site provides enough information to keep people informed of the weather and safe if severe weather arises.  We have had many people hurt or fatally hurt due to severe weather in Ontario (and I have communicated with many of them) after it has happened.  This should not happen if information can be available (which I hope this site has done).  I have, in the past, provide my outlook for the day in an effort to, hopefully, outline areas that things may happen. Environment Canada now does this quite well. I still attempt <smile> this when I feel this is warranted to keep my forecasting skills tuned but continue to constantly track and forecasting the weather and updating this site with new links. 

What do you use to program your site?

When I began to program HTML, there was one program available called Hot Dog. Basically it was a text notepad with some very basic coding on it. My first site took 2 months and was 2 pages long. After the original FrontPage came out, I began to get into the actual programming and coding of HTML. It fascinated me that symbols and letters could create things. Over the years I have moved away from FrontPage in many instances. The site now is programmed partly in FrontPage, notepad(the best), Dreamweaver 3 and InterDev. When technology grew and expanded, new languages opened up the door.  I am heavily into ASP (Active Server Pages) which allows the site to expand and grow. As there are few weather websites on the net, many of the codes and programs (which you never see), are not available so I have had to learn to program and test. A prime example is the City Forecasts page. Although you see the real-time conditions, forecast and graphics, that page alone has over 1500 lines of code that run it. I am now programming in VBscript, Javascript, Access Database, SQL Server and many graphic programs, video capture systems and data programs. I have just upgraded my video capture system to firewire which allows my digital video to seamlessly move into the computer for editing. I hope that this will allow me to produce a few videos of my chases in the future. All in all, a fun little project.

Where You have heard or Seen My Site

The Ontario Weather Page has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the province including:

NetLife Magazine
The National Post
The Globe and Mail
The Kitchener Record
The Wellington Advertiser
Canadian Geographic - The Best of Canada on the Web
Bancroft This Week
The Fergus/Elora NewsExpress
Algonquin News
and more.

I have also done radio and t.v. interviews regarding storm chasing and the site which some of you may have heard like:

CBC Radio North
Radio 570 News Kitchener
680 News Toronto
The Weather Network

There are probably many more I have forgotten to add but I will

The web page has won a few web awards for content, web design and education information to the public. The site has also been featured in many websites for site of the week including, The National Post Online and more.

My Personal Thanks

This site has grown in many regards to the help of those people in the public and private sectors that have sent me tips, links and areas of interest that they feel should be included or are a valuable addition to the site. To all those people I thank you. Your help has been invaluable in helping to build, maintain and expand this site for all to use.

I have a few people that I need to thank specifically. First, Jeff Flack from Halex. He has put up with my endless months of asking questions regarding vbscript programming, ASP design and database integration. Without his help and guidance (including the times when I ranted about programs blowing up), this site would not be where it was today. Thanks Jeff for putting up with me.

To Tyler Francks-Becker with Tippy Canoe Productions - New Media Design. Thanks for taking the time to go over the site for design style content. I really appreciate it.

To Sandy Schimmelpenninck for sending me the great articles about weather observations and conditions. I really enjoyed them.

I also would like to thanks the office of Environment Canada for providing weather data for the public to use. Although I wish they would provide more, I have tried to use their information where I can. Also, to the forecasters in the Research and Severe Weather Desk (you guys know who you are).

Lastly, but by no means leastly, to all those governments, companies and schools that provide weather data on the net. Specifically University of Michigan's Weather Underground, Environment Canada, and Unisys. Thanks.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any ideas for further expansion, please e-mail me and I can see if it can be done. 

Dave ( & J.D. & Cleo)


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