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Drying Index Calculator and Graphics

The drying index is a measure of the drying ability of the air and takes into account wind speed, sunshine, temperature, humidity, and precipitation. Any calculation of the drying index is pure speculative when models information is used.   This should be only used as a guide for your conditions. The drying index is designed for past weather information (i.e. yesterday). As I have not found an archive site that has this information, you will have to keep track of it during the day and calculate it the next day.

In order to calculate the drying index, you will need 5 figures to input for your region: Mean Wind (Knots), Sunshine (tenths) Min Temp (C), Max Temp (C) and Dewpoint. 

Just enter those figures in and the results will be posted

Mean Wind (Knots)
Sunshine (tenths)
Minimum Temperature (C)
Maximum Temperature (C)
Dewpoint (C)


All of the above inputs are available on this site for today.  The only one that requires you do some calculation is the sunshine. As most of use don't have a sunshine recorder, a good base (although not totally accurate) is to use the chart below (already in tenths):

10 is clear and sunny
9 is sunny with a few odd clouds
8 is mostly or mainly sunny
7 is mainly sunny
6 is sunny with cloudy periods
5 is mix or sunny and clouds or variable
4 is mostly cloudy
3 is mainly cloudy
2 is cloudy with clear periods
1 is cloudy or overcast
0 is fog

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