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Growing Degree Days Calculator and Graphics

Growing degree days is an energy term obtained by subtracting the value five from the average daily temperature. If the average temperature is below 5oC the growing degree day value for that day is zero.

The threshold value of 5C is derived from the growth habits of cereal and forage crops, which show little growth or development when average temperatures are below 5C. Daily growing degree day values are added together from the beginning of the season, providing an indication of the energy available for plant growth. Growing degree day totals are used for comparing the progress of a growing season to the long-term average and are useful for estimating crop development stages and maturity dates.

To calculate the degree-days for any particular day, enter the maximum and minimum temperature (must be 5C or above) below.  The script will produce outputs with base temperatures ranging from 5C to 12 C. You can also calculate the GDD's for your farm for the growing season beginning with the actual planting date and ending when the corn reaches physiological maturity or a killing frost.

Yesterday's Heating Degree Days | Yesterday's Cooling Degree Days

NEW: Current GDD's are listed here from OMAFRA.

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